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Tigerwolf's Story

Tigerwolf's story was written mostly around July - September of 1993, shortly after discovering the wonderous world that is FurryMUCK. Being enormously fond of tigers and wolves, and having had the nickname Tigerwolf since I was about 15, the character I chose to portray there was a rather odd anthropomorphic combination of both, being able to change from tiger to wolf 'morph at will.

Somehow, the character of Tigerwolf needed a background and the resulting story attempts to capture the reason for his being, and a bit of his personality. The story was written in several short chapters, the intent being that it would be posted to the Alt.Fan.Furry newsgroup for the enjoyment of the readers there. I'd sent drafts to several on FurryMUCK for comments, and didn't receive much back, so concluded maybe it wasn't very good, and it never got posted. However, I still like it myself, and since they always say that writers and artists should create to please themselves, I've put it here for anyone interested. At the time, I had a number of ideas to flesh out the story with additional background as well as ideas for subsequent adventures; but I haven't set them down as of yet. Someday, I'd love to have the story illustrated, and published in a fanzine or comic of some sort.

Since Tigerwolf has been around for some time now, some of the comments in the Introduction are obviously dated, but I've left the it as originally written.

Tigerwolf Lands in the MUCK!

Swedish Version

In early 2017, a language student, Weronika Pawlak, in Poland translated the first chapter into Swedish as an exercise. We also have our own resident Swede, Snout, who helped tidy up some subtleties in native Swedish. Thanks to both for their work and interest! The translation can be found on Weronika's blog page here: Chapter 1 - Swedish translation

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