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Tigerwolf Lands In The MUCK

© 1993 G.F.Nemeyer

Chapter 3 -- Tigerwolf and Timgee

Tigerwolf --
As his name implies, Tigerwolf is a combination of tiger and wolf, but he is also part human. He can take on any of the three pure forms or can appear as a tiger-human or wolf-human morph. He prefers the tiger morph form as the erect stance gives him easier use of his paw-hands.

He has also found that humans tend to relate to him better that way. This he discovered when, as a tiger, he greeted the first humans to arrive on Altair-4 centuries after the Krell had vanished. The experience nearly cost him his life. The first humans he saw were fearful of him, even though he approached in what *he* thought was a friendly manner. They shot at him. Ducking into a cave to escape the human's phaser fire, he re-emerged as a human in order to gain acceptance. (When the second human ship arrived, a distant cousin of his, a pure tiger, was not so lucky. He was killed.) That experience added considerably to his already shy nature. Because he finds most humans violent and devious, he uses their form only when necessary.

In tiger or tiger-human morph form, he presents a handsomely striking appearance. He is covered with soft, tawny-orange fur with black stripes. The pattern of stripes on his face gives him something of a permanent smile, which makes him appear friendly and inviting. Like most tigers, the orange fur blends into white on parts of his face, his belly and the insides of his arms and legs. He has a long, full, stripped tail which has an amusing tendency to frizz up when he is startled. The pads on his paw-hands and feet are leathery, yet quite soft to the touch. He stands 6'1" weighing about 180 pounds. His build is solid, but not massive. He is very powerful, but not does not look excessively muscular. His eyes are a an iridescent gold- green shade, sparkling, but with a contemplative look.

In wolf forms, he appears with thick fur jet black except for several areas of snow white. There is a a triangular-shaped white patch on his throat; which gives him a very dignified look, like he's wearing an ascot. His abdomen is white as well, and as are the areas beyond his wrists and ankles which makes him appear to be wearing white boots and mittens. His tail is very fluffy and curls nearly into a semicircle. His eyes are a very deep azure blue, appearing almost black except in certain light.

As a pure human, there is nothing remarkable to note...except that he doesn't have as much fur as he would like. As mentioned before, he is only rarely seen in this form.

Timgee --
Having been a product of the same biological creation technology, Timgee shares most of the same general build characteristics as Tigerwolf. He generally appears as a black and silver-gray German Shepherd-human morph. His eyes are blue-brown with a generally sad but friendly look which invites petting. His tail, although somewhat fluffy, does not curl nearly as much as Tigerwolf's wolf-tail.

Timgee's alternate animal and morph forms are that of a medium sized stallion which, like Tigerwolf's wolf form, is jet black except for similar white markings.

His human form is, again, nothing remarkable; but most would say he is more handsome in this state than Tigerwolf as a human.

Although not telepathic over great distances, Tigerwolf and Timgee will absorb each other's experiences when they are close. They do have the ability to sense certain strong emotions, such as fear, in each other over any distance by which they have been separated to date. When within hearing range, they usually communicate with each other verbally, although it is possible to transfer thoughts directly when needed over somewhat longer distances. All this generally has a disconcerting effect even on those who know them well, because except for the unique physical forms each takes, sometimes it is uncertain as to just which one is really there.

Before their association with humans, both wore no clothes, being quite comfortable with who and what they were without them. But because of the human tendency to be uncomfortable with nudity, both adopted the practice of clothing themselves whenever they adopt human or morph forms and appear in mixed settings. As humans, they dress in the fashion of the day. As morph forms they typically wear short pants, and occasionaly shirts, which blend with their natural coloration of the form they are in at the moment. From a distance, the effect makes it uncertain if they are indeed clothed or not...at least from certain angles.

As with other characteristics, Tigerwolf and Timgee share similar personality traits. Both are friendly, but quite shy. This comes from a deep desire to be accepted, but, after their not-so-pleasant introduction to humans, they remain uncomfortable making initial contact with strangers. Once known better by others, however they are good companions, quick witted, humorous, generous, and fiercely loyal. They do not demand attention, often being quite content simply to be with others, quietly listening to conversations and observing interactions.

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