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Tigerwolf Lands In The MUCK

1993 G.F.Nemeyer

Chapter 1 -- The Unknown Awaits

Hurled recklessly through the void by the plasma wave emanating from the nova-like explosion of the planet they just departed, Tigerwolf and Timgee contemplate their fate. Tigerwolf, in his tiger-human form; and Timgee, in his German Shepherd-human form, occupy one of two ships attempting escape from a world at its apocalyptic end. They have just emerged from a long period of trecherous turbulence caused by the plasma wave as it overtook their small craft.

"Told you those humans couldn't keep Krell technology under control. Morbius was right all along!" Tigerwolf mutters as he tries in vain to adjust the ship's navigation sensors to try find out where they are. "Can't you get this thing a little more stable? I can't get a startracker lock-on."

Timgee manages to stabilize the ship somewhat, but control is still erratic. "Doing the best I can. Looks like we took some stab thruster damage. Just 'cause I'm the universe's best pilot doesn't mean I can work miracles!"

Tigerwolf grins, "Haven't lost your modesty, I see. And with our inertial nav system out, *I* get to prove *I'm* the universe's greatest navigator!".

"At least we got out of there in time. It was pretty rough just the same. Hope the humans made it through. Their saucer-ship didn't seem too sturdy."

"And you think this collection of junk *IS* ??", Tigerwolf snarls, smacking the nav system control panel with his paw trying to coax it to function. The ship they occupy was to have been the shuttlecraft for a much larger, inter-stellar craft in construction-orbit around the planet. The large ship was not yet mobile and was vaporized along with the planet when the end came. When the planet's impending destruction was forecast they took the only other thing that would move as there was no room left in the human's ship.

"At least they had Robby to help them out. Having that robot's engineering talent aboard should get them through." Tigerwolf pauses for a second, making some adjustments to the startracker. His gold- green eyes suddenly narrow and glint as he glances at Timgee. "We let them take Robby to help them, you'd think they'd have let Alta come with us.", he quips with a slight smirk.

Timgee explodes into laughter, "We just barely escape death, and you're horny already! ...This ride sure didn't affect you much! ...You just worry about where we're going for now. Maybe you'll find something better *IF* we ever get anywhere. Maybe we'll even run across Alta again."

"I'll get us somewhere. Besides...I'm getting hungry, too."

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