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Tigerwolf Lands In The MUCK

© 1993 G.F.Nemeyer

Chapter 7 -- Into The MUCK

Timgee and Tigerwolf were too excited to sleep or eat for the next two days. They could have used the sleep. But the food was running low, so it was probably better that that they hadn't eaten.

They set a course straight for the source of the mysterious transmission and devoted all their skills to decoding more of the mysterious data stream. Both to try to understand it and to try to communicate back.

And it worked, too!

They were actually able to establish communication and get some idea of what to do!

They found out about some numbers: 8888!

And the name of a place: FurryMUCK!

And instructions to leave a message with somebody named FMADMIN.

They followed the signal for another whole day until, at last they came into hovering orbit high above a large expanse of what obviously appeared to be man-(or something-)made structures. In the center of this sprawling area, there was an open space with a lake with an island in it. Closer scans showed inhabitants moving about in various places, but without enough detail to reveal exactly what they were.

"Well," said Tigerwolf, "like it or not, this looks like its going to be our new home...at least for a while. Sure hope they're friendly."

"*I* sure hope they have *food*!". said Timgee suddenly realizing that they haven't eaten anything for days.

They celebrated.

They broke out the last of the rations, and chomped them down. And for the first time in their long journey, they began to feel life getting better.

"I told you I'd get us somewhere!", boasted Tigerwolf, bowing modestly to Timgee as if he had the whole trip carefully planned out all along.

Hovering high above their new home, Tigerwolf and Timgee readied themselves for what was to come: they got the first decent night's sleep in a long time.

The next day they got an early start finding out about the new world.

"Shall we flip a coin to see go goes down first?", asked Tigerwolf.

"You can go if you want to...", said Timgee. "You're better at meeting new beings than I am anyway. I'll watch the teleporter and will yank you back if necessary."

Since he really did want to go, Tigerwolf didn't argue. He stepped into the teleporter and looked out at Timgee.

"Don't forget the translator." Timgee said, handing a small cone shaped object to Tigerwolf.

"Thanks. Hope we programmed it right and they'll understand me."

Timgee returned to the teleporter control console and began entering some information. "And I hope this thing still works.", he said.

"Not half as much as *I* do!", Tigerwolf exclaimed.

Timgee entered in the last instructions to the teleporter:


....and Tigerwolf vanished!

What seemed like an eternity passed. But Timgee sensed his brother was in no danger. He took great comfort in this and sat down looking down on the place they had learned was called "FurryMUCK".

"FurryMUCK.... FurryMUCK...", he repeated the name out loud to himself. "Got kind of a nice ring to it...FurryMUCK."

Suddenly he sensed Tigerwolf summoning him. He rose and went to the teleporter controls. He entered an instruction:


....and seconds later Tigerwolf re-appeared...with his arms loaded with food and lots of paper scribbled with notes!

"Hey, you made it!", rejoiced Timgee. "What's it like down there?"

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