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Tigerwolf's Story - Introduction

Claimer --

Recently some FurryMUCKers may have encountered a new character named Tigerwolf in the West Corner of the Park or strolling around the MUCK. He has asked me to provide some background information for him, as his story is somewhat too complicated to explain to each one he meets. So I will be posting his story here in several chapters for all to read so that Tigerwolf can be better understood.

Disclaimer --

I am not a writer, professional or amateur. I have tried to capture Tigerwolf's story as best I could as he related it to me. But I make no guarantee as to the total accuracy of what is presented. Tigerwolf told me he may provide further details to expand the story if there is any interest in his doing so. No warranty is expressed or implied. There is no guarantee of fitness for any particular purpose.

Reclaimer --

This story was not written for any commercial purpose. However, I understand some people seem to worry about such things; so the following conditions apply regarding use or re-publication of material presented here. The author retains all rights to the story and the characters Tigerwolf and Timgee. The story may be freely distributed provided no fees are charged and the author is credited. The story, the characters, or their likenesses shall not be used for any commercial purposes without the author's permission. Permission is easy to get...just ask. Simply put, if you are going to make money off any of this stuff, I want my cut...or at least some credit. *GRIN*

Seriously, folks I had/am having fun writing the story. I hope you like it. Positive comments may be posted in a.f.f. or sent to me by e-mail . Negative comments may be sent by e-mail or paper mail to TRASHCAN@DEMPSTER.DUMPSTER.


-- George Nemeyer


P.S. Tigerwolf asked me to remind everyone he is new to FurryMUCK and he still not fully fluent in the native FurryMUCK language. Like any new arrival, he appreciates your patience, understanding, and helpful assistance.

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